Sometimes I am doing well if I can remember to breathe. I don’t have any misconceptions that my life is any harder than the next mom’s, working woman’s, family member’s. But now that I have Addison, things are different. I need to remember more than just to breathe, I am officially in charge of training a person.

Addison is teething … I think. She is drooling more than our basset hound, Wrigley, and everything is going in her mouth. A few weeks ago, she started sucking on my shoulder. After I pried her off, which was a feat because she had strong hickey-inducing suction, I told her, “No, you can not eat Mommy. You need a Mommy. There are somethings that Daddy just cant teach you.”

That night as the trio of daughter, husband, and doggie-son snores kept me from sleeping, I thought about what I said to Addison. When am I going to find the time to teach her how to make biscuits, or explain why her middle name is Jean, or show the importance of the marching band at football games, if I cant even find the time to vacuum the rug more than once a month?

I definitely don’t want her to think that Mommy can do it all. I cant, and I don’t want her to have unreal expectations of what she can accomplish, if she is ever a Mommy. But I also don’t want to be so busy living day-to-day that I miss the opportunities to help her grow into a well-rounded, honorable lady.

So, here is “Letters from Loxley” – a blog not just for Addison but to remind me that there are more important things than budget numbers, dirty dishes, and chipped toe nail polish. I cant wait to share and learn from all of you as well.

– Stephanie

What are some of the everyday things in life that take away from your true mission?