I love a handwritten note. My life is decorated with messages from friends and colleagues. Currently I have a postcard from BFF Jenny’s vacation on the fridge, a card of encouragement from Boss Lady Emily at my desk, and a loving note my husband Allen sent to me while we were in college in my wallet. I wonder ten or fifteen years from now when Addison is a writer, how archaic handwritten correspondence will be.

When my Grandma Edmonson died a few years ago, we found letters that us grandkids had written her stashed all around the house. It was a comfort to me when I found one of my letters from college and a clip of a story I wrote for the newspaper in her living room end table. Did she reread them when she thought of us? Is she where I get the need to be surrounded by years’ old correspondence?

When Addison was still in utero, I wrote thank you notes for her shower gifts on her behalf. It made me smile the other day when I saw that my co-worker Kristi still had Addison’s note on her desk.

What does it cost to send a personal note – a dollar for the card and the amount of USPS postage? But maybe it is the cost of the sender’s time that is the most precious gift. While BFF Jenny was on vacation, she thought of the Newtons. And while the thought was fleeting, she took the time to send us a note, and let us know we were with her at that moment.

I hope that my daughter remembers that while we are busy and stressed, it’s the little things like taking a moment and writing a note that can show someone their true importance in your life.


Is there an old note that you still hold onto for sentimental reasons?

P.S. In full disclosure, my fabulous sister Ashley works for the Murfreesboro, TN, post office. All references to encouraging handwritten, USPS mailed notes are intentional for her job security. Keep Saturday delivery! SCN