I love being an aunt almost as much as I love being Addison’s mom. And while I don’t get to see my nieces and nephews nearly enough, I do what I can to let them know that I am always thinking about them.

I send holiday cards to each of them for every holiday. Yes, even Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day.

Allen and I teach them ridiculous skills like running in circles and making fart noises with their arms.

And I hear them ask for obscure things and make a mission to find them.

Meet Hannah. My now 6-year-old niece, who just started first grade last week. Hannah is beautiful, smart, and could quite possibly take over the world when she is older, if she wants. I have also heard she can iron a pillowcase – a girl after my own heart. Since I was able to meet her the day she was born, our relationship goes way back.

Hannah and I have a lot to talk about. We love Zac Efron and can be found listening to the High School Musical soundtrack together while on vacation. We are also both very crafty and love homemade things. Hannah is far more into fashion than me, so I appreciate her keeping me in the loop on new trends. I’ll never forget when I sprained my ankle and tore my jeans. Hannah comforted me by letting me know that is how the cool kids wore their pants.

One day while at Meemom Newton’s house, Hannah noticed her cousin Lily’s legwarmers. I have to admit, Lily was rocking the legwarmers. They looked great. I didn’t know they were coming back in style, but they are, and the elementary school kids are hip to it. I dabble in crochet a little bit, so I casually mentioned to Hannah that I would see if I could make a pair. Famous last words.

Hannah has asked about them three times since then. So with the help of Boss Lady Emily, I have been diligently working on Hannah’s legwarmers. It’s taken me three weeks, but I almost have the first one down. Would it not have been easier to just get her a lava lamp, accessories, or cash like gifts in the past? Why, oh why did I get myself wrapped up in this insanity?

Because I love Hannah. How could you not? Just look at that face.

What is the craziest gift you ever went after for someone you love?