Allen is the lucky one each day that gets to take Addison to school. I’ve tried to get better about waking up to feed her before I go to work, but he gets to do the fun stuff like play and get her dressed for the day.

Recently, Allen has joined the 21st century and got a texting plan on his phone. So in addition to random motivational “Go Get ‘Um” texts, he also sends a few pics of Addison before school.

I wont lie. I catch myself pulling out my phone more than usual to soak in the adorableness. Sometimes it gets me through a tough day; sometimes I have to show it to all the ladies at the office.

They have become especially valuable when I hit the road for work. I’m going to be traveling a lot the next two months, and the thought of leaving my favorite people at home makes it far less exciting. But thanks to picture phone, at least I wont miss out on seeing Addison every day.

Here are a few of the recent pics. Enjoy!

“Ready for another day of learning at school. Have a great day at work, Mommy,”

“Mom, I miss you while you are in New York. But having Meemom Newton over to feed me is the most fun!”