One of the most frustrating things I have gone through since having Addison is my inability to finish anything. I start a ton of things – laundry, sewing, conversations – and yet frequently find myself wondering where I was going.

I’ve been aware of this for a little while, but it seems my lovely husband finally gained the gumption to talk to me about. Last week I washed and folded the laundry. But then just left it. In our bathroom there was a stack of towels right next to the closet they belong in. Addison’s clothes sat piled on the ottoman for a week. Eventually Allen put everything away, but the question was still asked. “Why did you do all the work and stop right before having it done?”

I’ve been told it’s a mom thing, but really? With so much to do, wouldn’t it be easier if I just finished a thing or two?

Do you have a task that seems to hang over your head unfinished?