Allen and I have always been forward looking. We talked about what kind of new car we wanted years before we actually got one. We considered the perfect timing for our first baby and knew that we would name our girl Addison Jean before even thinking about trying. We’d talk about retirement as if it was on the horizon, and we hadn’t even been working 10 years yet.

And then we had Addison.

Our lives used to be planned years in advance, and now we are trying to get through the day. I think in three hour increments – what can I get done before Addison needs to eat again? Is it worth getting myself to sleep when she is going to be up within the hour?

It actually has been a welcomed change. We were always thinking about the next bill to pay off or next trip to take. Having Addison has forced us to live in the moment. I look back on those times, now affectionately called B.A., and wonder what were we doing all that time.

We were napping way too much.

We were coming up with four contingency plans we would never need.

We were preparing – dreaming of the life we have now.

– Stephanie

Is there something in the future you find yourself constantly preparing for?