Let’s not talk about how long it’s been.

I’ve been encouraged by my colleague Andrea to get back on the blogging horse, so here I am.

I think the saddest part of it all is, the main reason I started this blog is the one that ended it … I am really busy. But so are you, and you’re still here, so that is a very lame excuse on my part. And while I was gone, Addison has done the one thing I’ve been most afraid of – growing up really fast.

She’s had her first Christmas and birthday.

She’s eating solid food and walking, no running, away from Allen and me.

She went to her first College Night and can clearly say “purple.”

She can recognize various breeds of “dog dog”s and can very sassy-ly say “no,” which I don’t doubt she gets from me.

And yes, I’ve been the publicist for an incredibly great selling book and Allen has gotten an official job at Vanderbilt. But little else in the world matters when she runs to me with her arms in the air and gives her mom a surprisingly great hug for a 15-month-old.

I’m back. I know I don’t deserve for you to come back after how long it’s been, but I’m going to try. And as a working mom, trying is all I can promise.