While cleaning out 1018 Loxley Drive, I found a ton of things I am proud, and also ashamed, of still having. Like my 6th grade Madison County Middle School Scholars Bowl Champion shirt and 5th grade talent show program where i did “The Urkle Dance.” (no photos of that one, sorry)

I also found my life to-do list that I made in college. While I’m shocked I thought I could finish this by 2020, I’m amazed on how many things I’ve actually completed.

#27 Adopt a dog from an animal shelter - Wrigley September 2007

#14 Look pretty at my high school reunion - July 2009

#41 Go to St. Peters - Allen and me in Rome September 2008

I’ve also accomplished #10 saw the Mona Lisa, #21 going to Montevallo to support the Purples every year (baring flu and birth of child),#30 helped my parents pay for my wedding, and #33 took a dance class. While proud of what I have done, I’m bummed that I have so many to go by my nonrealistic deadline of May 1, 2020.

Inspired by friends who recently worked on a 30 by 30 list, I’m going to use this upcoming year to knock a few more items off the list.

#12 Start a rose garden

#16 Get manicures and pedicures on a regular basis. (I’ve decided that regular is officially every six weeks.)

#22 Go to a Cubs game with Dave and Josh.

#23 Get my pictures taken by a professional photographer.

#35 Surf

Okay, these aren’t terribly hard, but I thought I would start slow and work up to the hard ones. Anyone nominating themselves to get a black eye or have me save their life?

What are somethings on your life’s to-do list?