I pulled into Target the other day and grabbed my purse when I started to smell a horrible stench. I quickly looked under the seats, in the back by Addison’s car snacks, but no luck. But when I went to pay, I found the stinky source – a pair of Addison poopy panties that I stuck in my purse after an accident a few days ago. Somehow they got under my wallet and skipped my mind. I was horrified for about three seconds, when got over it and realized it would be a great candidate for a “You know you’re a mom when …” column.

The past two years with Addison have pushed me out of my comfort zone – in a good way. Not just with the numerous potty training accidents, but controlling my temper, explaining why do we the things we do, and showing love, not just assuming people know.

I know that not everyone is meant to have children, and the things Addison has taught me, has to be taught to them in other ways. But it has been such a blessing to have a constant reminder of God’s grace sleeping a few rooms away.

How frustrated He must get my by accidents, and yet just helps me clean them up and forgets about them, even when they stink.

In what ways has your child helped you see God in a new light?