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One of Addison's first night's home

I just put Addison to bed for the last time at Loxley Dr. It was just like any other night – brushed teeth, said prayers, drank a cup of milk. But as I rocked her to sleep, I was on the verge of tears.

It was the right decision to sell. Interest rates are low, and we need to lock in to where we are going to be for the next five to ten years. But those numbers don’t make this day any easier.

Allen Celebrating his PhD with the Graduation Monkey

This wasn’t just our first home; it was our “firsts” home. It’s where we came to after our honeymoon. It’s where we hosted countless family and friends as they traveled through our beloved Nashville. It’s where we proudly displayed the graduation monkey after years of Allen’s hard PhD work. It’s where we became a party of three with Wrigley, and then, party of four with Addison.

Dad and Wrigley on the floor

This house was not just the setting for our life the past six years, it was a character in it. And every stair creak and floor scuff is the dialog of a life well lived. I will miss this part of our story, and I will miss the friends who have made our Lenox Village life so colorful.

I know I will love our new home – whenever we find it. And the time we are going to spend on Ashford Court in the interim will be a blessing, but the day is bittersweet. Throughout my life, this is the house I’ve lived in the longest and that is making this day even harder.

Goodbye my little house on Loxley Drive. May the next owner be as fortunate. Below are a few highlights from our time in Lenox Village.

Our first snow - January 2006

Finishing the Garage - 2007

Allen and his picture perfect turkey - Thanksgiving 2008

Wrigley and I working on the backyard project - April 2009

Addison and Wrigley watching the election results - November 2010

Addison at the back door - August 2011


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